ForceMotorsport restores and reconstructs Historic Racing cars !

The Requirement at FORCEMOTORSPORT: our Knowledge in the service of the automobile restoration!

You wish you could restore this nice sportscar car with a gorgeous shape that you saw racing one day on a circuit ? Your passion for classic cars has found the right firm : we restore and reconstruct historic competition vehicles and also regularity cars. On the basis of an estimate of your file, we can make up that famous mythical car that made you dream.

We are specialized in repairing historic competition cars and our clients trust us with many Porsche, Mg, Austin Healey, Ford,Ferrari, Jaguar etc

Our Services
Restoring a competition vehicle goes through several steps. We insist on advising the customer and building a light car that fits the way you drive.

The essentials :
- making bright through sand-blasting, gap-filling, rubbing
- building the wiring harness
- setting of the engine and the gearbox
- exhaust and admission optimizing
- chassis adaptation
- complete mechanical inspection

Moreover, ForceMotorsport :
- finds the original parts for your classic car
- combines devices on the dashboard (instruments and fuses) if you wish
- dresses up you car
- adjust the car according to your feeling of driving on Test Track days (optional)

We provide you an estimate and an e-mail
follow-up with pictures.

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