Preparation of Rally cars and Service on rallies

ForceMotorsport prepares and develops your rally car, whether historic or modern, in its workshop. We also provide the mechanical team you need on Service Park.

Our team is here to supply the services you need : from complete preparation of you car to solving technical issues ! You've assemblied your car yourself but you come up against a problem ? We are the professional assistance you need.

Rally Preparation
Assembling of constructor kits
Total construction of your car from A to Z
Assembly of gearbox, brakes system etc.
Repairing and analysing of issues
Preparation, development and maintenance of your car
before and after racing
Updates in relation with constructors for technical evolutions (chassis, engine, exhaust system...)

Tests days with chassis engineer (option)

On-Event servicing (at service Park)
Transportation on a trailer
Truck equipped as a workshop
Tent and paving "stone"
Generating set for night servicing
Fuel consumption statistics and refueling strategy



One of our cars : Peugeot 206 RC
- Group A
- Roll cage
- Welded bodywork with reinforcements
- Gr A 230 HP engine
- Sequential gearbox
- Öhlins shock absorbers adjustable (3 channels)

Port. Patrick : (00 33)6 09 06 83 61
Tel.Fax : (00 33) 4 94 07 34 63
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