Car hire : rent one of our cars !

You wish you were driving on a race track ? Rent a seat at ForceMotorsport. We race in Endurance and Sprint Prototype, GT and Historic. We take care of everything, you just have to worry about keeping your foot on the right pedal !

Racing in endurance involves the participation of 2, 3 or 4 pilots and ForceMotorsport can find your team-mates if you come alone.

Our cars - "Arrive and Drive"
You wish you were a pilot but you don't want to invest all your money in owning a car ? We offer car hire in many categories.
- GT : Cayman Cup S ( 320 ch)
- Prototype : Norma M20B 2006, Radical Sr3
- Cross Country : Buggy Renault V6 PRV200
Our cars are prepared in our workshop by our experienced mechanics.

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Our structure - Logistics & Support
- Transportation of you car on the circuit
(articulated lorry equipped as a workshop)
- Pitlane management
- Mechanics, technicians and also race track engineers on option
- Individualized race strategy provided
- Open-bar and VIP section
- Catering and food services
- Taking care of all the procedures related to the race

Prices and Calendar
Please contact us : or

Port. Patrick : (00 33)6 09 06 83 61
Tel 00 33 9 81 64 74 49

6 hours at Dijon