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Barcelone, Imola, Le Mans, Monza, Dijon, Spa
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New schedule 2011(test track day and races) here.


Seats available for rent on 2011 ! Historic or Modern Championship - Prépare right now your Races 2011 -Contact us

We propose Exploitation, transport, Assistance and Préparation of
your race car which HISTORIC or MODERN cars
- Gentlemen drivers or ownercars - Contact us


FORCEMOTORSPORT (by FORCECLASSICCARS) it's more 50% of activity in restoration historic car.

FORCEMOTORSPORT propose NURBURGRING 2012 on Cayman cup S Contact us !

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What we do
Force Motorsport is the sportscar professional. We offer many services in relation to racing on tracks, Rally and Classics :
- Restoration or reconstruction of Historic Racing Cars
- Preparation & Servicing for Sportscar (GT / Prototype / single-seater cars / Rally / Cross Country Cars)
- On-event servicing - Transportation & Logistics on circuit & rally
- Car hire all-inclusive
- VIP events on many circuits in France and Europe

- NEW !! we can restorate and prépare your historic car for the sale- Clik on "vente"

Our new Workshop
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Tel 00 33 9 81 64 74 49
Email : forcemotorsport@wanadoo.fr - fms.racing@orange.fr